Dull Knife - "Electric Indian" (Philips 1971)

Dull Knife were a German band who attempted to combine Deep Purple-influenced hard rock with some soul in the vein of Joe Cocker. To be honest, I think their first and only album "Electric Indian" is mostly forgettable. There's nothing wrong with the technical abilities of the group. They played heavy and powerful, with lots of good guitar, organ and drumming. The problem is mainly the mediocre material that fails to impress me very much. The opener "Plastic People" (absolutely nothing to do with Birth Control's excellent song and album of the same name) has lots of heavy riffs, sudden breaks and lengthy solos, but it never evolves into anything that really grabs me. The same can be said about "Tumberlin' Down" and "Walk Along the Muddy Road". The riffs and melodies are simply too average and unoriginal. But far worse are the more soul-inflected songs, such as "Go Down to the River", "Lonely is the Mankind (Without Love)" and "Song of a Slave". All of these ones are boring beyond belief. The closer "Day of Wrath" is the only song on the LP that really tries to fuse the two different styles, but the tedious songwriting again spoils something that could have been a bit original and unusual after all. There is also some distorted effect on the vocals that becomes a bit annoying after a while, especially as it goes on for most of the album.

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