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The content of this page was previously found in a section of vintageprog.com called General '70s Rock. For practical reasons I decided that it would be better to separate it from the main page and give it a page on its own. Many have asked me about reviews that have disappeared from vintageprog.com. The reason for this was that I personally found that they didn't fit entirely into the progressive profile of vintageprog.com, but you'll find them here instead. Remember, it's not prog just because it's from the '70s and good :-)

The purpose of this page is to review various typical and classic '70s rock artists/groups, both famous and obscure, that I personally find interesting and good enough to write about. I've also created a label section that features several original labels for you to look at. And yes, just as on vintageprog.com I'm NOT reviewing CDs, only LPs. Anyone looking for information about re-releases, expanded editions, remasters, bonus-tracks or other such nonsense will not find it here, just the albums the way they were released back in the glory days of the '70s.

Check back for outdates, as I'll add new reviews now and then, although not as frequent (??) as on vintageprog.com.

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