Zior - "Every Inch a Man" (Global 1972)

Zior were a British band that released a self-titled debut on the Nephenta label in 1971. I haven't heard that one, but their second and final album "Every Inch a Man" is supposed to be the better of the two. The album was only released in Germany and not easy to find nowadays, but it's not even worth finding anyway. I've usually seen this band described as occult and satanic heavy progressive rock. Well, the only remotely progressive song on the album is the title-track and it's even not much of a song, just some quasi-philosophical/occult crap spoken over some random chords on organ and flute. The rest sounds like average and unimaginative hard rock of the most boring kind. They also copied riffs and ideas from several other bands. The main riff of "The Chicago Spine" is identical to Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" and "Suspended Animation" is a pathetic attempt at creating the same mood and sound that Black Sabbath did on "Solitude". "Entrance of the Devil" is actually a bit funny with lots of terrifying screams and evil laughter, but the riffs are generic and uninspired. The vocals are absolutely dreadful on most of the album. Zior was obviously just another untalented band that had to hide their musical shortcomings behind a controversial and outrageous image. Skip them.

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