Pink Floyd - "Live at Pompeii - The Director's Cut" (Universal 170 min.)

The original 60-minute version of "Live at Pompeii" from 1971 is a little masterpiece that shows Pink Floyd playing live with no audience in the ruins of the ancient amphitheatre in Pompeii. The mood of the movie is enhanced by footage of boiling mudpits, volcanoes, art from Pompeii and general shots of the ruins. One of the most magic moments is during "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" where Richard Wright is shown superimposed upon photos of the legendary castings of people who were buried during the eruption from Vesuvius. Very eerie and atmospheric! But the highlight is still the juicy and powerful performance of "Echoes" that opens and ends the movie in a striking way. Everyone who says that Pink Floyd never were a progressive band should watch this movie. FORTUNATELY, this version of the film is included among the features, and makes this DVD after all well worth purchasing. However, the main feature is supposed to be the director's cut version, and it sucks! If director Adrian Maben seriously thinks that this mess is an improvement of the original film, then he's probably on more drugs nowadays than he ever could dream of back in the early 70's. The pleasant flow and beautiful atmosphere of the original version has been completely ruined and thorn apart by lots of completely unrelated clips and mindless interviews from the recording sessions of "Dark Side of the Moon" in 1972. Maben has also added lots of pointless animations and computerized graphics of space, along with new shots from modern day Pompeii, which of course destroys the 70's atmosphere of the movie completely. The most idiotic new clip is the train that comes out of nowhere at the end of the first part of "Echoes". What this train and the station have to do with Pink Floyd, "Echoes" or Pompeii is beyond me. Buy the DVD for the original version, and forget the director's crap nonsense. You probably won't watch it more than once anyway! The original version can on the other hand be enjoyed again and again.

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